Travel Reimbursement

Currently, the V.A. is transitioning to using the Beneficiary Travel Self Service System (BTSSS) We. will be here to assist veterans to complete E-Benefits Registration and file for travel reimbursement.


--Who is eligible?  A veteran of the Armed Forces of the U.S. who is eligible to receive VA Health Care.


*Eligibility Requirements:

--Applicants whose total household income is less than $4000 per month.


--Applicants who visit a VA medical facility or consult set up by the VA.


--Apply for Reimbursement from the VA FIRST. (TRAVEL OFFICE) If you are attending a VA directed appointment out side the VA, use a VA Form 10-3542.  We are able to fax this form to Chillicothe for you.   A copy of the form can be accessed by selecting the following button.


--Must bring in proof of visit from the VA facility or consult office to attach to their application for Travel Reimbursement.

--Reimbursement cannot be made for appointments that older than 30 days from appointment.


--Reimbursement amounts vary depending on location of appointment.